Since 2005 Memory educational Institution has been involved in various mobility projects. As a small institution we are constantly vigilant for new international education and training opportunities.

We have been already working on Erasmus, Leonardo DaVinci and Study Visits projects for students, adult education participants, youth, staff and teachers mobility.

As well we perform mobility for youth, especially for school drop-outs in order to obtain work habits and gain experiences to increase competencies in the labour market.


We have worked with the following institutions from abroad:

  • Consejería de Educación, Spain,
  • Cultura y Deporte, Spain,
  • UNIVERSITESI Sakarya, Turkey,
  • Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy,
  • Playmobil Malta Ltd., Malta,
  • Ict2biz Ltd., Malta,
  • Orange Capital Partnerts, VB, Netherland.

By allowing students to practice in placement in foreign companies we want them to develop working skills and increase their employability in the future. In addition, our priority is the promotion of lifelong learning and involvement in various international projects.

Erasmus university charter 

Educational institution Memory gained the Erasmus university charter, which allows the institution’s mobility activities in higher education for the programme period 2014-2020. 


Erasmus Policy Statement is a commitment of institution to acquire ECHE (EPS – Erasmus Policy Statement).


Involvement in the mobility

We strongly recommend anyone with a desire to participate in international projects, to take the advantage and get involved in various mobility programs our school offers.

We are specially engaged in mobility for student working experience, staff and teachers improvement.

In case we run out of places to sign up for mobility abroad, our school provides a placement through our partner institution – Higher school consortium.